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➜ https://youngexploiter.wixsite.com/exploiterhacks/kopiya-script-and-exploits-2-1

βœ” EXTRME INJECTOR (If you can’t inject exploit):
➜ https://pastebin.com/raw/dDfjm21b

βœ” Credits: SilverFoxxYT

βœ” Game Link:
➜ https://www.roblox.com/games/1992612043/Heroes-Online-DUNGEONS

– Music
β™« Heroe & Thomas Reid – (You)th πŸ”Š

Common Errors:

β—†Cant Inject Exploit ? Watch this tutorial I made!

β—† Missing DLLs? Download the missing DLL’s and place the files in both (System32) AND (SysWOW64). Then Reboot Computer.
β–Ί https://www.dllme.com/ β—„

β—† Null Injection OR exploit won’t show up?
Download this (x86 version)
And restart your computer!

β—† Can’t open .rar file? Download WinRar!

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